Alexander McQueen Sneakers regularly wear the pieces

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Alexander McQueen Sneakers regularly wear the pieces


Hollywood's brightest stars are expected to hit a physical red carpet in their most dramatic looks, since stylists often keep their best gowns and suits for last. Fit for the reigning rom-com queen, it ranks among Bullock's best. Scott, who is a presenter tonight, wore a purple, embroidered silk gown from Fendi's spring 2022 Couture collection. One way Touitou was evolving A.P.C., even pre-pandemic, was by instituting a global return and repair policy for its jeans. Its Surplus stores further the idea, giving past season's new projects a long shelf-life. To get one, my mother and I had to go to a shop for cancer patients-the kind of place where you have to ring a doorbell to get in and everyone speaks in hushed voices.

Bringing your whole household onto the red carpet is a surefire way to tug at the heartstrings. Many Hollywood clans-the Smiths, Kardashians, and Beckhams-pose together at big events, but Gabrielle Union made the concept feel newly chic. At the premiere of her comedy Cheaper by the Dozen, Union arrived with husband Dwyane Wade and their daughters Zaya and Kaavia by her side. Of course, the classic white button-down for women is far from anything new. Marie Antoinette caused a scandal all the way back in the 18th century when she wore a white blouse in a portrait painted by her favored artist, elisabeth Vigee Le Brun. By the 1920s, Coco Chanel revolutionized women's wardrobes by incorporating tailoring and menswear-inspired shirting into her collections, while the Golden Age of Hollywood saw stars from Katharine Hepburn to Marlene Dietrich Alexander McQueen Sneakers regularly wear the pieces.

This season, designers are emphasizing the power of the caftan in spades, with exquisite examples coming from Tory Burch always a reliable source for a gorgeous caftan as well as Zimmermann, Johanna Ortiz, and Emilio Pucci. Take Hercules, with his bulging muscles: The normalization of hyper-masculinity like this has spawned contemporary gym culture, reads a caption we see a 1990s Calvin Klein underwear ad nearby. But don't go thinking her relationship with the French fashion house is over and done with. Billie Eilish and Finneas are always a package deal. As siblings and creative partners, they make music, perform, and occasionally dominate the red carpet together, too. This was certainly the case at tonight's Oscars, where the pair are set to perform during the ceremony.

Turns out, this experience is really a master class in pared-back dressing. These stars have taught me that your closet's seemingly-simple pieces can in fact be very interesting, if you offset them with more expected pairings. Jeans-tons of jeans-are a French staple, and that works for me this spring, given it's my most-purchased item. Working with image architect Law Roach to create looks for both the red carpet and the Vanity Fair after-party, she sought to push herself beyond her fashion comfort zone. As ever, the clothes on display charmed with their playfulness and eclectism, even if there was a notably stronger emphasis on wearability this season. Many of the brands who have served as highlights in years past made their return, including LIE and Seokwoon Yoon, while a number of expected names on the schedule impressed for their refinement, such as designer Shin Hye Young's work at the brand WNDERKAMMER.


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